The National Road Safety Show

A fun way to learn a very serious subject

Rob Slater has presented the Show to Schools and Groups throughout the United Kingdom and to  British Army Schools in Germany.

  • Every week two children are killed on the roads in Britain

  • Every year over three thousand children aged 4 to 14 are injured, of which two thirds are boys

  • We can help to make children more aware of the dangers

The National Road Safety Show has been developed with Police and Road Safety Officers to help make children more aware of the dangers, and how accidents can be avoided. It is NOT a magic show, although magic does happen to keep the children’s attention, which helps them remember the important messages.

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It is a fun way to learn a very serious subject.

Rob Slater has presented the Show to Schools and Groups throughout the United Kingdom and to British Army Schools in Germany since 1998. A free DVD is available, get in touch.


The Shows

Three different shows for your school


Traffic awareness
Importance of colours
Holding a grown-up’s hand
Stop, Look and Listen
Final Reinforcement

Key Stage 1

Importance of Colours
Stop, Look and Listen
Crossing the road safely
Pelican/Zebra Demonstration
Final Reinforcement

Key Stage 2

Recap of show No.2
Importance of cycle helmets
Road Safety Quiz
Thinking Ahead



One of the latest schools to enjoy the safety-themed entertainment was Caegarw Primary in Mountain Ash. Headteacher Howard Richards said the show was first class, and added, “The children really enjoyed it because it conveyed important messages in a fun-filled atmosphere.” Learn more >
Caegarw Pupils Learn Road Safety Rules
Mr Rob Slater visited Bishopspark School on Thursday 17th November to talk to the children about road safety.  His show was exciting for the children, with magic and stories to keep them entertained.
Learn more >
Bishopspark School
...The show is provided by Rob Slater who is a road safety professional based in the UK and specialises in delivering road safety awareness to children in Key Stage 1 & 2. All teachers commented on how extremely entertaining and educational the show was. The show is so well received it has become an annual event. Learn more >
Army Schools in Germany
Rob Slater visited the school on Monday 15th March 2010 with the BFG School Road Safety Show.
Heide Schhol, Germany
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